Case Study

“They’re our top choice when we need to fill a position.”

Executive Summary

The client company is an ocean transportation and logistics service based in South Florida. For more than 30 years, they’ve provided direct, regular service between North America, the Caribbean Basin, Central, and South America. Their commitment to equal partnerships and quality service has established the company as an ocean transportation leader in the Western Hemisphere.

With hundreds of employees and a fleet of over twenty-five vessels serving nearly forty ports, our client relies on procuring and maintaining a top-notch team of qualified individuals to help them maintain a superior service for its customers.

The Challenge

Patricia is an HR Specialist who oversees the entire hiring and onboarding process for the client company. With a tight labor market and extreme competition for top-tier talent, she constantly needs to fill open positions quickly with qualified candidates.

The shipping business moves fast, and having unfilled positions slows down productivity.


“In this economy it’s difficult to find
suitable candidates.”


After working with several other staffing agencies, Patricia was unable to find an honest, reliable partner to help fill open employment positions.

She needed a company that could provide:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Pre-screened, quality candidates
  • Frequent updates on progress
  • Open, honest communication

“If a staffing agency doesn’t have a quality prospect,
I would rather see no one.”

How Placed With Integrity Helped

Patricia relied on a referral from another HR director to identify and begin a conversation with Placed With Integrity for staffing services. She was immediately impressed with the relationship building and attention to detail the company displayed.

After partnering with Placed With Integrity, Patricia was excited to see the results, including:


  • Fast Turnaround “From Day one they were able to reach into the cracks and find quality candidates.”
  • Reliable Candidate Screening “They filtered out the good from the bad options for every open position.”
  • Qualified Candidates for Every Department “Placed With Integrity found great employees in HR, accounting, and service roles. From the very beginning, they’ve been able to help us fill all our roles, from the bottom to the top.”
  • Saved Time & Resources “I was so happy that they handled checking employee references, which saved a lot of time for us at the company. I can trust whenever I receive candidates from them that they are going to be high-quality.”
  • Company Familiarity “They knew our process and our expectations and met those consistently. There’s a focus on building relationships with the agencies they work with. Clients feel like family.”
  • A Relationship Built on Trust “We need to know that we can trust our partners, and Placed With Integrity did a great job building that relationship. It feels like less of a business relationship and more like a friendship.”
  • Frequent, Open Communication “They take the time to check-in and see how everything is going. Other agencies don’t make that time.”

Incredible Results

As soon as the client company partnered with Placed With Integrity, their staffing issues virtually disappeared.

  • Within 12 months, 15 critical positions were filled with quality candidates.
  • To date, 50% of the client company’s workforce has come through Placed With Integrity’s staffing database.

Patricia sees her organization’s relationship with Placed With Integrity as a huge factor in the company’s continual growth an success. “They’re our top choice when we need to fill a position. We can always rely on them to be honest, patient, and reliable.”

At Integrity Staffing we provide reliable and strategic workforce solutions to a variety of industries. Our core belief centers on the idea that the right combination of people can transform the world.

In order to build that dream team, you need a staffing agency committed to integrity. We match the right professionals with the best companies to create a foundation for success.

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